True Sine Wave Inverters

True Sine Wave (pure sine wave) inverters produce a 'pure' and 'clean' AC supply that is very stable and free from surges and spikes. They are often required to power sensitive audio/visual equipment and some flourescent lighting systems. Also, many modern appliances (such as washing machines and microwaves) are fitted with a digital timing mechanism; these devices use the AC frequency as their time baseline and therefore a TSW inverter is generally required. When buying an inverter, please make sure that it is large enough to easily power your equipment. When in doubt, always buy larger, to avoid unnecessary problems later.

Due to the true sine wave output, the overall efficiency of the inverter, as well as the device being operated, also tends to be higher. This is mainly because all of the power output can be used, whereas some of the 'square' waveform produced by modified inverters cannot - leading to some of the power being wasted.

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