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Customer Success Stories

Off-Grid LoRaWAN masts for the agriculture sector

One of Leading Edge’s recent projects is working in collaboration with RADIX Group and Sensational Systems, to provide bespoke off-grid communication masts for Smart Rural within the agricultural sector. Digital connectivity is now making it possible to build all sorts of value driving applications in rural settings. From livestock tracking, monitoring soil conditions, temperature, water levels, moisture content and more.

The technology behind the system is harnessing the power of Long Range Wide Area Networks (LoRaWAN) that can be installed anywhere and set up for an infinite number of applications and tasks within a range of 10-20km. The various array of sensors transmits data over a mesh network of LoRaWAN gateways deployed on RADIX base stations.

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Off-Grid LoRaWAN masts for the agriculture sector

Extreme Wind Turbines power remote earthquake and volcano monitoring stations

Leading Edge were approached by AVO to provide off-grid power for remote earthquake and volcano monitoring stations in Alaska and the Northern Mariana Islands.

Extreme vertical axis wind turbines and additional off-grid kit were were installed at their lower elevation sites where power consumption is typically 6-12W, depending on the site equipment but typically to provide off-grid power for radios or satellite modems for communications.

Their standard sites use around 2-3W where they put 1800Ah of AGM batteries to power through the winter when there is little to no solar input. Our wind turbines enable them to reduce the size of battery banks at these high power consumption sites.

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Extreme Wind Turbines power remote earthquake and volcano monitoring stations

Avalanche protection in Norway

Wyssen Avalanche Control selected the Leading Edge LE-v150 Extreme wind turbine to power their equipment high in snow fields above an important road network.

The challenge is how to power the Wyssen equipment in a tough environment with strong winds, sub-zero temperatures and almost no daylight during the winter.

"We needed a fit and forget solution because of the remoteness of the installations. The LE-v150 Extreme has run through 2 winters so far and provides vital power during the long winter months," said Benjamin Meier, Chief engineer at Wyssen Avalanche Control.

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Avalanche protection in Norway

Off-grid power for hurricane prone Caribbean

When a hurricane hits the British Virgin Islands as Hurricane Irma did in 2017, the infrastructure of the islands can be devastated and getting power back online is a priority.

Now, with the installation of Leading Edge PowerBoxes in 2019, off-grid remote power for essential services can be provided when the next hurricane hits.

"The PowerBox is a phenomenal piece of technology that provides a robust, flexible and easy to maintain clean energy generating system, delivering lifesaving capacity in the most challenging of situation and environments," said Nick Spicer, Renewable Energy consultant to Team Rubicon UK

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Off-grid power for hurricane prone Caribbean

Vehicle activated road signs powered by wind

By offering a solar and wind solution with their interactive signage, Westcotec are able to install signs in remote locations where mains power isn't easily accessible.

The wind turbine of choice for Westcotec is the light weight yet robust LE-300 wind turbine.

"After trialling Leading Edge Turbines for one year we decided to make them the main supplier to our business for wind turbines. We've had fantastic customer service and after sales support Leading Edge over the last eight years," said Dave Smith, Technical Director at Westcotec Ltd.

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Vehicle activated road signs powered by wind

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