Off-grid Power, Small Wind Turbines & Solar

Off-grid power solutions from Leading Edge use the highest quality products, from our British-made small wind turbines to the most efficient solar panels and long lasting deep cycle batteries. 

At Leading Edge we manufacture the PowerBoxSmart BaseStation, and SolarBox plug-and-go off-grid power systems along with the hugely popular LE-300 horizontal wind turbine and the more powerful LE-600 horizontal wind turbine.  Our rugged vertical axis turbines, the LE-v50 and LE-v150 and their Extreme versions are built to withstand the harshest environments. 

We have in-house expertise to design, specify and supply off-grid power systems generating the right amount of power in any remote location. Our products can be seen in a range of off-grid battery charging applications - radio communications, meteorology, telemetry, environmental monitoring and rural broadband.

Let us put together a solution for your business - wind only, solar-only or hybrid wind and solar - tailored to your requirements.  Get in touch and we will do the hard work for you. 

For more information about our wind turbines, solar panels and off-grid power systems, please visit our Products sections. Alternatively, our friendly off-grid experts are happy to help you design your off-grid power system.

Our Customers Include:

Customer Success Stories

Off-grid power for LED street lighting and signs

Having tested 30 different makes of wind turbines, Kight chose the Leading Edge LE-300 horizontal wind turbine to power its off-grid LED street lights and communication solutions.

"Out of all the wind turbines we trialled, the LE-300 proved to be the only one robust enough for the different wind conditions experienced at our customer installations," said Dan Goodman, Sales Director at Kight.

"Importantly, when combined with solar, the LE-300 was powerful enough to generate the power needed for our wide range of off-grid street furniture all year round."

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Off-grid power for LED street lighting and signs

Powering air and noise pollution monitoring

When Turnkey Instruments’ customers need air quality and noise pollution measurement at a remote site, Turnkey uses the Leading Edge LE-300 wind turbine along with solar to power their equipment.

Often construction sites and quarries have no mains power nearby – even if they do, an intermittent supply means a reliable off-grid power solution is needed. The LE-300 wind turbine is renowned for its reliability and robustness, ensuring it continues producing power even during storm force winds.

Turnkey’s Osiris air pollution monitors and their iVIBE noise and vibration monitors are deployed where there’s large-scale earth moving, and along major construction projects such as the high-speed railway line HS2.

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Powering air and noise pollution monitoring

Remote weather stations wind powered

When the North Dakota Agricultural Weather Network (NDAWN) was looking to power its remote weather stations with a wind turbine robust enough to cope with the harsh weather conditions in this part of North America, it turned to the Leading Edge LE-300 wind turbine.

The mesonet of 174 weather stations across North Dakota, Minnesota, and Eastern Montana run by NDAWN experience extreme weather conditions. Temperatures range from -40°C to +40°C with winter storms bringing hours of sustained windspeeds of 60 km/h and gusts of 100 km/h.

“The LE-300 turbines have withstood hours of this kind of sustained wind loading over a number of years now - experience has shown us it is a very well engineered product,” said James Hyde, Instrumentation Specialist at North Dakota Agricultural Weather Network.

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Remote weather stations wind powered

Off-Grid LoRaWAN masts for the agriculture sector

One of Leading Edge’s recent projects is working in collaboration with RADIX Group and Sensational Systems, to provide bespoke off-grid communication masts for Smart Rural within the agricultural sector. Digital connectivity is now making it possible to build all sorts of value driving applications in rural settings. From livestock tracking, monitoring soil conditions, temperature, water levels, moisture content and more.

The technology behind the system is harnessing the power of Long Range Wide Area Networks (LoRaWAN) that can be installed anywhere and set up for an infinite number of applications and tasks within a range of 10-20km. The various array of sensors transmits data over a mesh network of LoRaWAN gateways deployed on RADIX base stations.

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Off-Grid LoRaWAN masts for the agriculture sector

Off-grid power for hurricane prone Caribbean

When a hurricane hits the British Virgin Islands as Hurricane Irma did in 2017, the infrastructure of the islands can be devastated and getting power back online is a priority.

Now, with the installation of Leading Edge PowerBoxes in 2019, off-grid remote power for essential services can be provided when the next hurricane hits.

"The PowerBox is a phenomenal piece of technology that provides a robust, flexible and easy to maintain clean energy generating system, delivering lifesaving capacity in the most challenging of situation and environments," said Nick Spicer, Renewable Energy consultant to Team Rubicon UK

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Off-grid power for hurricane prone Caribbean

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