World's Toughest PV panel at Intersolar 2016

Posted Friday 3rd of June 2016 at 14:08


Leading Edge Turbines Limited

Come and see the world’s toughest solid frame PV panel at the 25th Intersolar exhibition at Messe Munich, Germany from 22-24th June 2016.  We're in Hall B3, Stand 577.

Many of you know us for our British made robust small wind turbines, both vertical turbines and horizontal axis turbines.  For the first time at Intersolar, we'll have our range of solar panels on show specifically chosen for the off-grid market.  

Come and walk over the "Vision bridge" and see for yourself just how tough the world's toughest solid frame solar panel, the Solara Vision Extreme panel, is.  Where there is a chance of the solar panel being struck or damaged, or when the weather is 'extreme', the Vision panel offers you added peace of mind.

Also at the show, we'll have the DC-Solar monocrystalline panels featuring SunPower cells manufactured in the US.  These professional grade monocrystalline solar panels are the most efficient on today's market for off-grid use. Due to the ultra-high efficiency of the SunPower cells (21.5%), these monocrystalline solar panels are 30-50% smaller than cheaper models and are far less affected by changes in ambient temperature and sunlight intensity. 

On show too will be the Solara M-Series marine-grade solar panels. Designed and tested (in Germany) specifically for use in marine salt water environments, these solar modules are completely maintenance-free, extremely durable, and weather-proof - they can even be walked on.

We look forward to meeting you at the show.
Martyn Judd, Director of Sales and Sarah Keefe, Sales & Marketing Manager