British Made Wind Turbines

Designed and manufactured in the UK, our small wind turbines include the best selling LE-300 and LE-300 Marine horizontal wind turbines and our more powerful turbines the LE-450 and LE-600. Suitable for harsh locations where a horizontal wind turbine simply couldn’t survive prolonged periods of storm force wind, there's the robust and compact vertical turbines, the LE-v50 and LE-v150 for remote power generation.

All of our horizontal axis small wind turbines use brushless, axial flux alternators for low wind speed efficiency and feature our specially developed Whispower blade design for optimum power and quietness. The X wing chassis designs result in lightweight yet robust, aesthetically pleasing and responsive wind turbines, with minimal embedded energy. Our small wind turbines are used on yachts and sailboats, for generating off-grid power for radio communications, remote telemetry, road signage and signalling, street lighting and mobile base stations, as well as for homes, education and agriculture. Click here to view our full range of wind turbines, towers and mastsaccessories and wind turbine kits.