Our Run/Stop switch is a recommended for use with these Leading Edge wind turbines – LE-300, LE-300 Marine & LE-v150. This high quality 2-pole cam actuated switch is designed to operate at the unusual voltages and currents generated by the turbine. It allows the turbine to be electrically isolated from the battery systems whilst also bringing the turbine to a near stop by placing a short circuit across the turbine output.

Due to the unique design of the alternators of our turbines, this short circuit, means that the alternator is put into ‘dynamic braking’ mode. The turbine will slow down until it is almost stationary and can then be moved out of the direction of the wind and lowered or tethered if it is stay mounted.

This switch acts as a temporary stop, not to be used to stop the turbine for long period.  The force of the wind can overcome the dynamic brake and the current generated is then circulated back into the stator causing the turbine to burn out.

The switch is supplied in a pre-assembled, compact enclosure making it easy to wire-in and mount. When installing, screw the terminal connections for 2.5mm cable

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Run/Stop Switch for LE-300 & LE-v150


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