The Dawn of Solar powered Time lapse photography

Posted Tuesday 25th of October 2016 at 21:13


Now that images captured by Ethernet enabled HD cameras can be viewed remotely, why not take the next step and use solar energy to power these cameras in remote locations where there’s no mains electricity.

That's exactly what Frame Line Ltd is doing with the help of a Burgess Technologies as they use time lapse photography to document the construction of the world’s largest three tower extradosed bridge (a type of cable-stay structure) in Wexford, Southern Ireland. This £250 million project is being captured by a 4K Fixed Lens Network Camera with the off-grid solar solution from Leading Edge Power - see photos below.

Burgess Technologies helps production and photography companies capture the progress of a build with the images viewed on a web portal, accessible from anywhere.  The solution provided by Burgess is pre-programmed and pre-configured, including integration to a cloud server to store the images. The system can be set up within the hour and once the camera is plugged in, it starts to capture and archive images straight away. 

By partnering with Leading Edge Power, Burgess Technologies provides a “place anywhere” off-grid power system using high performance yet compact monocrystalline solar panels combined with deep-cycle batteries to ensure there is enough “power in the tank” even on cloudy/rainy days.  

There more information in the case study on solar powered time lapse photography.