Deep Cycle Batteries

Deep cycle batteries are an essential part of your solar power system, storing the electricity produced and making it available when needed. However, not all batteries are alike and the choice is quite large. We have chosen a range from well-known manufacturers, each offering warranties of 2-years or more. In addition to the small range of batteries shown below, we also supply full ranges up to 1000Ah from:

  • Trojan
  • Platinum
  • Victron

Many people try to save money by using cheap batteries and very soon have to replace them as they are not suitable for use in a solar system. All of our batteries are deep cycle leisure batteries and are specifically designed to be charged and discharged regularly. We strongly advise that you NEVER use car batteries as they will fail very quickly. Sealed lead acid leisure batteries contain a liquid electrolyte, but are sealed to prevent leaking and typically work for 1000+ cycles. AGM batteries are more expensive, but contain an almost 'solid' electrolyte, so never leak, and are designed for 2500+ cycles.

Please be aware that when using an inverter, it should be connected directly to the battery bank and the battery bank must be of sufficient size to be able to cope with the potentially high current draw of the inverter. Theoretically, a current of 1A on the AC side of the inverter can become 20A on the DC side (A = V x W).

Inverter Size
Typical Battery Bank Size (12V)

Contact us at Leading Edge for help and advice about our deep cycle batteries.