Installation Gallery

  • telemetry, water utilities, flow meter, SCADA, environmental monitoring, off-grid
    Our LE-v50 is powering a wave monitoring buoy off Tasmania, Australia. It helps out in winter when the solar struggles to deliver the required power.
  • sailing boat, marine, wind generator, bluewater, yacht
    This PowerBox on the hurricane-prone British Virgin Islands will provide off-grid power for disaster response (emergency shelters and medical centres).
  • broadband, remote power, datacomms, rural, WISP
    Skye in Scotland often experiences some pretty harsh storms. Perfect for our LE-v150 wind turbine and 70W of solar powering meteorology equipment.
  • telemetry, water utilities, flow meter, SCADA, environmental monitoring, off-grid
    Our PowerBox, on a Severn Trent storage reservoir, provides off-grid power for measuring water levels. It took only one hour to install and was ready to go.
  • sailing boat, marine, wind generator, bluewater, yacht
    Here the LE-v150 wind turbine is trickle charging marine batteries, protecting the batteries when the owners are away from their boat.
  • broadband, remote power, datacomms, rural, WISP
    The wind swept area around Canterbury, New Zealand is home to an LE-v150 Extreme powering a rural broadband repeater station in some tough conditions.
  • marine, wind turbine, sailing boat, yacht
    Out on the Helford River with our LE-300 Marine wind turbine, as soon as we hit the open seas off Cornwall the wind turbine produced 6-7 Amps.
  • radio, commmunications, remote, wind, solar, off-grid
    This LE-v150 Extreme is powering radio comms across an estate in Scotland, producing 5kWh in January when solar input is at its lowest.
  • solar, emergency response, helipad, LED lights, SolarBox, HEMS, offgrid
    Our SolarBox is powering Midlands Air Ambulance helipad lighting systems in locations where there's no licensed night aerodromes.
  • seismic, wind turbine, vertical wind turbine, geophysics, environment, monitoring
    The LE-v50 and solar installed in the Austrian Alps is powering a Seismic station rockfall monitoring network.
  • marine, wind turbine, sailing boat, yacht
    Here's a wind turbine that you can really call quiet - the LE-300 Marine Wind Turbine on board Geoff Baldwin's Bavaria 47 boat while sailing the Med.
  • wireless, radio link, rural, broadband, offgrid, offgrid power system, wind turbine
    This wireless radio link is being powered by the LE-300 wind turbine from Leading Edge. Typically power loads for this equipment are 30-40W.
  • bees, beehives, beelife, bee habitat, offgrid, off gridpower system, off grid communication, beekeeper, communication, inmarsatglobal, inmarsat
    Our client's bee monitoring station is now in place in the Peak District with off-grid power provided by 560W of solar.
  • cathodic protection, wind powered, wind technology, wind turbine, gas pipeline
    Our LE-600 wind turbine and solar array providing cathodic protection for a gas pipe running through a wind farm in Wales.
  • safety first, windpower, offgrid, level crossing, networkrail, offgrid power, sustainable energy, solar sign
    Off grid power supply for an automated railway level crossing. Our LE-600 wind turbine together with solar is a great solution for small off grid applications.
  • offshore wind, offshore engineering, datalogging, power generation, extreme locations, vertical axis, north sea, metmast
    Here we have multiple installations of the LE-v150 Extreme wind turbine on a offshore met mast powering data logger equipment measuring wind speeds.
  • 4g broadband, remote internet, rural broadband uk
    Our PowerBox running a 4G broadband network in Scotland. The kit has a 500VA inverter charger for AC loads, 280W solar and the LE-600 wind turbine.
  • offgrid living, renewables, remote power, sustainable living, climate change, wind powered, solar power, wind turbine, solar panels
    Our LE-600 wind turbine is powering the Ecocapsule, an egg-shaped, sustainable micro-home. This wind and solar-powered pod operates completely off-grid.