Installation Gallery

  • bees, beehives, beelife, beehabitat, offgrid, offgridpowersystem, offgridcommunication, beekeeper, communication, inmarsatglobal, inmarsat
    We have increased the size of the solar panels on our client's bee monitoring station from 280W to 560W to cope with the load in the winter months.
  • cathodic protection, wind powered, wind technology, wind turbine, gas pipeline
    Our LE-600 wind turbine and solar array providing cathodic protection for a gas pipe running through a wind farm in Wales.
  • safety first, windpower, offgrid, level crossing, networkrail, offgridpower, sustainable energy, solar sign
    Off grid power supply for an automated level crossing. Our LE-600 wind turbine together with solar is a great solution for small off grid applications
  • offshore wind, offshore engineering, datalogging, power generation, extreme locations, vertical axis, north sea, metmast
    Here we have multiple installations of the LE-v150 Extreme wind turbine on a offshore met mast powering data logger equipment measuring wind speeds.
  • 4g broadband, remote internet, rural broadband uk
    Our PowerBox running a 4G broadband network in Scotland. The kit has a 500VA inverter charger for AC loads, 280W solar and the LE-600 wind turbine.
  • offgrid living, renewables, remote power, sustainable living, climate change, wind powered, solar power, wind turbine, solar panels
    Our LE-600 wind turbine is powering the Ecocapsule, an egg-shaped, sustainable micro-home. This wind and solar-powered pod operates completely off-grid.