Installation Gallery

Here are just some of the snapshots of installations sent in by our customers, showing the diversity of applications for our solutions.
radio communications, off-grid, power, LED light
Sited just 300 miles from the South Pole, the LE-v50 Extreme is powering weather stations and GPS systems for research scientists.
radio communications, off-grid, power, LED light
LE-v150 Extreme wind turbine and slimline 45W solar is powering an LED light and radio unit, with a load of 12W, in a harsh mountain location in Scotland.
Leading Edge PowerBox for hurricane prone BVI
This PowerBox on the hurricane-prone British Virgin Islands will provide off-grid power for disaster response (emergency shelters and medical centres).
broadband, remote power, datacomms, rural, WISP
Skye in Scotland often experiences some pretty harsh storms. Perfect for our LE-v150 wind turbine and 70W of solar powering meteorology equipment.
telemetry, water utilities, flow meter, SCADA, environmental monitoring, off-grid
Our PowerBox, on a Severn Trent storage reservoir, provides off-grid power for measuring water levels. It took only one hour to install and was ready to go.
telemetry, water utilities, flow meter, SCADA, environmental monitoring, off-grid
Our LE-v50 is powering a wave monitoring buoy off Tasmania, Australia. It helps out in winter when the solar struggles to deliver the required power.
broadband, remote power, datacomms, rural, WISP
The wind swept area around Canterbury, New Zealand is home to an LE-v150 Extreme powering a rural broadband repeater station in some tough conditions.
sailing boat, marine, wind generator, bluewater, yacht
Here the LE-v150 wind turbine is trickle charging marine batteries, protecting the batteries when the owners are away from their boat.
radio, commmunications, remote, wind, solar, off-grid
This LE-v150 Extreme is powering radio comms across an estate in Scotland, producing 5kWh in January when solar input is at its lowest.
solar, emergency response, helipad, LED lights, SolarBox, HEMS, offgrid
Our SolarBox is powering Midlands Air Ambulance helipad lighting systems in locations where there's no licensed night aerodromes.
seismic, wind turbine, vertical wind turbine, geophysics, environment, monitoring
The LE-v50 and solar installed in the Austrian Alps is powering a Seismic station rockfall monitoring network.
marine, wind turbine, sailing boat, yacht
Here's a wind turbine that you can really call quiet - the LE-300 Marine Wind Turbine on board Geoff Baldwin's Bavaria 47 boat while sailing the Med.
wireless, radio link, rural, broadband, offgrid, offgrid power system, wind turbine
This wireless radio link is being powered by the LE-300 wind turbine from Leading Edge. Typically power loads for this equipment are 30-40W.
marine, wind turbine, sailing boat, yacht
Out on the Helford River with our LE-300 Marine wind turbine, as soon as we hit the open seas off Cornwall the wind turbine produced 6-7 Amps.
cathodic protection, wind powered, wind technology, wind turbine, gas pipeline
Our LE-600 wind turbine and solar array providing cathodic protection for a gas pipe running through a wind farm in Wales.
safety first, windpower, offgrid, level crossing, networkrail, offgrid power, sustainable energy, solar sign
Off grid power supply for an automated railway level crossing. Our LE-600 wind turbine together with solar is a great solution for small off grid applications.
4g broadband, remote internet, rural broadband uk
Our PowerBox running a 4G broadband network in Scotland. The kit has a 500VA inverter charger for AC loads, 280W solar and the LE-600 wind turbine.
offgrid living, renewables, remote power, sustainable living, climate change, wind powered, solar power, wind turbine, solar panels
Our LE-600 wind turbine is powering the Ecocapsule, an egg-shaped, sustainable micro-home. This wind and solar-powered pod operates completely off-grid.
bees, beehives, beelife, bee habitat, offgrid, off gridpower system, off grid communication, beekeeper, communication, inmarsatglobal, inmarsat
Our client's bee monitoring station is now in place in the Peak District with off-grid power provided by 560W of solar.

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