LE-300 Wind Turbine Advanced Kit 12/24/48V

LE-300 Wind Turbine Advanced Kit 12/24/48V
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Product Information

Perfect for use in hybrid system comprising solar and wind, this LE-300 Wind Turbine Advanced Kit contains everything you need (except batteries & cables) to create a flexible renewable energy system.  Based on our most popular wind turbine, the LE-300 from Leading Edge, it also includes the Tristar 45A diversion charge controller, 500W dump load and a stop/start switch to be used when you want to stop the turbine for maintenance (not to be used in high winds).

The wind turbine is connected directly to the batteries and the Tristar charge controller is also connected to the batteries. When the batteries are fully charged, the controller diverts excess power generated by the wind turbine into the 500W dump load, dissipating the power as heat. A dedicated solar charge controller should be used as the solar and wind systems are parallel systems, both connected to the batteries.

Mount the turbine on a standard scaffold pole (48-50mm outer diameter).  We recommend the Guyed Tower Kit, everything you need (guy wires, earth anchors, foundation plate etc) except for the pole which you source locally.