Guyed Wind Turbine Tower Kit (up to 7.5m)

Guyed Wind Turbine Tower Kit (up to 7.5m)
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Product Information

Designed for use with our LE-300, LE-450 and LE-600 wind turbines, the Guyed Tower Kit includes all the equipment that you need to construct guyed mast up to 7.5m – using a standard scaffold pole (48.3mm or 50mm outer diameter). This makes our guyed tower kit a cost effective solution that simply requires a standard scaffold pole that can be sourced locally.

The guyed tower kit can be installed and raised quickly and easily without need for special winches or equipment. The kit is specially designed so that no concrete foundations are required. Our innovative earth anchors can be driven directly into the ground in most soil conditions. All of the guy ropes are supplied crimped and terminated at one end and with all of the rigging screws and wire grips needed to adjust the guy ropes to the correct length.

Turbine Tower Kit includes:

  • 1 x Hinging Tower Base
  • 3 x Pre-fabricated Stainless Steel Guy Ropes
  • 3 x Ground Anchors
  • 4 x Base Staples
  • 1 x Locking Collar
  • 1 x Guy connection plate
  • 3 x Rope Tensioner
  • 1 x Fixings kit and Accessories