Vertical Axis Wind Turbines

The Leading Edge LE-v50 and LE-v150 vertical axis wind turbines are idea for remote, off-grid locations where the conditions are very harsh and would otherwise destroy a horizontal axis wind turbine. Our vertical axis wind turbines can be found powering equipment across the world, in the Antarctic and on top of Glencoe - a mountain in Scotland, UK. 

The blades on these turbines spin at the same speed as the wind so they are less efficient than their horizontal axis cousins. This makes them suited to low power battery-charging applications (12V, 24V or 48V DC) such as data logging, telemetry and radio communications, often in combination with solar.

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For locations where wind speeds regularly exceed 60mph (27m/s) or temperatures drop down to -40°C, we offer "Extreme" versions of both the LE-v50 and LE-v150 turbines; please get in touch if you need advice on version is right for your application.