Marine Wind Turbine Tower (2.8m)

Marine Wind Turbine Tower (2.8m)
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Product Information

The 2.8m Marine Wind Turbine Tower is specifically designed for mounting a Leading Edge wind turbine on your yacht or narrowboat.

The main mast is made in two parts and is 50mm in diameter. The base swivels and tilts so it can easily be fitted onto angled decks or sloping transoms. The bottom of each of the two 1.5m struts in the kit can be clamped onto the push pit rail and additional fittings are available for mounting directly to the deck if preferred. Each strut is fully adjustable and can be positioned at any point or angle on the main mast section, before being clamped into position thus allowing a huge flexibility of mounting options. To add additional strength to the tower, we also include an additional pulpit clamp for the struts.

The wind generator mast is made from anodised aluminium so is extremely light yet very strong and resistant to the corrosive marine environment.

  • Lightweight aluminium construction – Easy to install on the cramped space of a yacht deck
  • Anodised surface finish – Giving superb resistance to salt water corrosion
  • Flexible layout – Enables the marine mast to be securely fitted to any stern layout
  • Easy connection – Fit the rigid stays to existing push-pit rails or directly to the deck

The Marine Wind Turbine Tower kit includes:

  • Two part 2.8m main mast, 50mm diameter
  • Two 1.5m struts, support fixing
  • 180° adjustable base for sloping decks or transom mount
  • Additional pulpit clamp for the 50mm mast