LE-300 Marine Wind Turbine Advanced Kit 12/24/48V

LE-300 Marine Wind Turbine Advanced Kit 12/24/48V
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Product Information

If you would like to have a wind generator alongside solar on your yacht or sailing boat, then this is the kit for you.  The LE-300 Marine Wind Turbine Advanced Kit contains everything you need (except batteries & cables) to create a flexible renewable energy system.  Based on our most popular wind turbine, the LE-300 Marine from Leading Edge, it also includes the Tristar 45A diversion charge controller, 500W dump load and a stop/start switch to be used when you want to stop the turbine for maintenance (not to be used in high winds).

The marine version of the LE-300 is fully marinised and designed for use in salt-water environments and on boats / yachts. Among other modifications, the LE-300 marine has a stainless steel counterweight fitted to the tail to reduce the effects of 'pitch and yaw' on turbine performance.

The wind turbine is connected directly to the batteries and the Tristar charge controller is also connected to the batteries. When the batteries are fully charged, the controller diverts excess power generated by the wind turbine into the 500W dump load, dissipating the power as heat. A dedicated solar charge controller should be used to the solar and wind systems are parallel systems, both connected to the batteries.

Mount the turbine on a standard scaffold pole (48-50mm outer diameter).  We recommend the Marine Wind Turbine Tower (2.8m). The main mast is made in two parts and is 50mm in diameter. The base swivels and tilts so it can easily be fitted onto angled decks or sloping transoms. The bottom of each of the two 1.5m struts in the kit can be clamped onto the push pit rail and additional fittings are available for mounting directly to the deck if preferred. Each strut is fully adjustable and can be positioned at any point or angle on the main mast section, before being clamped into position thus allowing a huge flexibility of mounting options. To add additional strength to the tower, we also include an additional pulpit clamp for the struts.