About Us

Founded in 2009, Leading Edge is a British designer and manufacturer of efficient, quiet and reliable small wind turbines.  We also have the expertise to specify and supply entire off-grid remote power systems using our wide range of high performance solar panels

complete power systems

  • Our mission is to engineer and offer a complete range of small wind turbines, both vertical and horizontal axis turbines for different applications - on land and sea.

  • We have selected the best quality solar panels possible, giving unrivalled cell efficiency in all weather conditions and with module sizes that are 50%% smaller than the competition.

  • We are experts at small wind turbine design and manufacture.  

  • We provide solutions, not just products! 

  • All our products are manufactured in our UK based factory where our systems and procedures are quality assured under ISO9001:2008

  • We are different because our products offer superior performance, whilst being robust enough to withstand storm force winds

  • Our products are precision engineered with only two moving parts (one for the vertical turbines) so little maintenance is required during the turbine’s long operating life

Leading Edge’s wind turbines are generating clean, reliable and renewable power on all seven continents. Our wind turbines have been providing power in challenging climates such as the Antarctic; a testament to the endurance and reliability of our products.

We provide an extensive range of wind turbines with their associated accessories, including a 50W, 150W, 300W, 450W and 600W wind turbines. This range provides the basis for a large number of different applications, such as: small wind generators for boats, mission critical industrial applications, wind turbines for road signage, remote telemetry and decentralised power systems.

We have in-house expertise to design, specify and supply entire off-grid systems, utilising a range of power sources customised to your specific requirements. Working with our clients, we can engineer the best choice of system components – wind turbine, solar panels, generator, battery banks and control gear. These can all be supplied pre-configured so you can have total confidence in your solution.