LE-300 Marine Wind Turbine Standard Kit 12/24V

LE-300 Marine Wind Turbine Standard Kit 12/24V
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Product Information

Perfect for a wind only system or basic hybrid system on your yacht or sailing boat, this LE-300 Marine Wind Turbine Standard Kit contains everything you need (except batteries & cables) to get up and running as quickly as possible.  Based on our most popular wind turbine, the LE-300 Marine from Leading Edge, it also includes the DL-300 diversion charge controller and a stop/start switch to be used when you want to stop the turbine for maintenance (not to be used in high winds).

The marine version of the LE-300 is fully marinised and designed for use in salt-water environments and on boats / yachts. Among other modifications, the LE-300 marine has a stainless steel counterweight fitted to the tail to reduce the effects of 'pitch and yaw' on turbine performance.

The wind turbine is connected directly to the batteries and the DL-300 charge controller is also connected to the batteries. When the batteries are fully charged, the controller diverts excess power generated by the wind turbine into the DL-300's resistor, dissipating the power as heat. Mount the turbine on a standard scaffold pole (48-50mm outer diameter).