The Victron Quattro 10,000VA inverter chargers are one of the most powerful, flexible and easy to use power solutions on the market. Each fantastically well-made unit combines an advanced pure sinewave inverter with an incredibly powerful battery charger and power management system. The Victron Quattro inverter chargers are particularly well-suited to high-end remote power applications, from boats and yachts to military communications and power backup installations. The ability to take inputs from a mains connection, backup generator and DC batteries, then switch between the three seamlessly, makes the Quattro a 'must-have' product in the power management market.

Two AC inputs with integrated transfer switch:

The Quattro can be connected to two independent AC sources, for example shorepower or the national grid, as well as a generator, or even two generators. Using the advanced transfer switch, the Quattro will automatically switch between sources should one or more of them fail. This all takes place within 12 milliseconds, with a very slight dip in voltage, so that 99.9% of electrical devices will not register the change.

Two AC Outputs:

The main AC output is 'always on', whereas the secondary output is only active when the Victron Quattro is connected to an AC input source. This allows you to separate your electrical consumers into essential and non-essential groups. For example, it is advisable to connect water heaters or air-conditioning to the 'non-essential' AC2 connection.

Virtually unlimited power:

Up to 10 Victron Quattro inverter chargers can be set up to operate in parallel, so that ten 10000W units, for example, will provide 90kW - 100kW of usable power and a massive 1400A charging capacity.

Three phase capability:

By connecting three Victron Quattro units together, they can supply a three-phase output. In addition, up to 10 trios can be operated in parallel, supplying up to 300kW of power and >4000A in battery charging!


Since the Victron Quattro is a very powerful inverter charger, the maximum current draw from generator or shore-side sources can be limited. In this case, the Quattro will divert the necessary current to the operating devices, only feeding waht remains to the batteries. This prevents any overload on the AC sources.


When the draw on the AC sources has been limited by PowerControl, the Quattro will 'boost' the available AC current with power from the battery bank. When power consumption falls below the limited AC input level, the Victron Quattro then stops drawing on the batteries and instead returns to using surplus AC input power to recharge the batteries.

Solar Capabilities:

The Quattro can be used in off grid as well as grid connected PV systems.

Simple installation and easy configuration:

After installing, the Quattro is generally ready to go, straight out of the box. In some cases, however, you may wish to change some settings to optimise the Quattro to your exact installation, such as changing battery types or power limits. This can be done simply and painlessly, using either the integrated DIP switches or by using the 'VE.Bus Quick Configure' and 'VE.Bus System Configurator', which is available free from

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Victron Quattro Inverter / Charger 48/10000/ 140-100/100


£2895.16 ex. VAT

Technical Specification

Victron Quattro
PowerControl / PowerAssist 
Integrated Transfer switch 
AC inputs (2x) 
Input voltage range: 187-265 VAC    Input frequency: 45 – 65 Hz    Power factor: 1 
Maximum feed through current (A) 
Input voltage range (V DC) 
9.5 – 17V      19 – 33V       38 – 66V 
Output voltage: 230 VAC ± 2%         Frequency: 50 Hz ± 0.1% 
Cont. output power at 25 °C (VA)
Cont. output power at 25 °C (W) 
Cont. output power at 40 °C (W) 
Peak power (W) 
Maximum efficiency (%) 
94 / 96
Zero-load power (W) 
30 / 35
Zero load power in AES mode (W) 
25 / 30
Zero load power in Search mode (W) 
8 / 10
Charge voltage 'absorption' (V DC) 
28.8 / 57.6
Charge voltage 'float' (V DC) 
27.6 / 55.2
Storage mode (V DC) 
26.4 / 52.8
Charge current house battery (A) 
200 / 110
Charge current starter battery (A) 
4 (12V and 24V models only) 
Battery temperature sensor 
Auxiliary output (A) 
Programmable relay 
VE.Bus communication port  
For parallel and three phase operation, remote monitoring and system integration 
General purpose com. Port
Remote on-off 
Operating Environment
Operating temp.: -40 to +50 °C    Humidity (non condensing): max. 95% 
Material & Colour: aluminium (blue RAL 5012)    Protection category: IP 21 
Four M8 bolts (2 positive and 2 negative) 
230 V AC-connection 
Bolts M6 
Bolts M6 
Weight (kg) 
Dimensions (hxwxd in mm) 
470 x 350 x 280 
470 x 350 x 280 
EN 60335-1. EN 60335-2-29 
Emission, Immunity 
EN55014-1. EN 55014-2. EN 61000-3-3. EN 61000-6-3. EN 61000-6-2. EN 61000-6-1 
*All technical specifications and images are correct at the time of publication, but are subject to change without notice.
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Victron Quattro Inverter / Charger 48/10000/ 140-100/100


£2895.16 ex. VAT

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