Victron EasyPlus Inverter / Charger 1600VA 12V

Victron EasyPlus Inverter / Charger 1600VA 12V
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Product Information

The Victron EasyPlus 1600VA inverter-charger is a multifunctional power system that combines a powerful pure sinewave inverter, with an advanced battery charger and high speed AC transfer switch. Compact and incredibly easy to use, the EasyPlus is the ideal solution for those wanting to 'fit & forget'.

The EasyPlus guarantees uninterrupted power wherever you may be and, if shore or generator power is limited, the integrated 'PowerAssist' technology boosts power capacity by adding extra energy from the batteries. To guarantee safety, the integrated RCD prevents earth leakage, a common problem in mobile systems. As well as providing a simple, easy to install power supply, the EasyPlus also includes a 70A battery charger as well as a 4A trickle charge for the starter battery.

5 step installation:

The EasyPlus is so called because the ease in which it can be installed. All plugs and sockets for AC connections are supplied and the battery cables are prefitted, saving a lot of time and hassle.

  1. Using the wall bracket if needed, fit the EasyPlus as close as possible to the batteries
  2. Connect the shore/generator AC input(s) outgoing circuits, including the dedicated water heater feed, if required.
  3. Connect the control panel (optional).
  4. Connect battery cables and temperature sensor to the batteries.
  5. Switch on the RCD

Technical Specification

PowerControl/PowerAssist Yes
Transfer switch (A) 16
Heavy duty output (A) 16
Input voltage range (V DC) 9.5-17.0
Output AC1,output AC 2,output AC 3 Output voltage: 230 VAC 2%
Frequency: 50 Hz 0,1% (1)
Cont. output power at 25 C (VA) 1600
Cont. output power at 25 C (W) 1300
Cont. output power at 40 C (W) 1200
Peak power (W) 3000
Maximum efficiency (%) 92
Zero-load power (W) 8
Zero load power in search mode (W) 2
Input voltage range 187-265VAC
Input frequency: 45 65 Hz Power factor 1
Charge voltage 'absorption' (V DC) 14.4
Charge voltage 'float' (V DC) 13.8
Storage mode (V DC) 13.2
Charge current house battery (A) 70
Charge current starter battery (A) 4
Battery temperature sensor Yes
Programmable relay Yes
Operating temp. range -20 to +50C (fan assisted cooling)
Humidity (non condensing) 95%
Material aluminium (blue RAL 5012)
Protection category IP21
Battery-connection cable 1.5m
230 V AC-connection G-ST18i
Weight (kg) 11.7kg
Dimensions (h w d) 510 x 214 x 110mm
Standards Safety EN 60335-1, EN 60335-2-29
Emission EN55014-1, EN 55014-2, EN 61000-3-3
Automotive Directive 2004/104/EC

*All technical specifications and images are correct at the time of publication, but are subject to change without notice.