Solara Marine Solar Panel 55W M-Series

Solara Marine Solar Panel 55W M-Series
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Product Information

This 55W Solara marine solar panel is the first of the high-power solar panels in the range. Designed to be used alone or as part of an array of two or more solar panels, the 55W Solara is often used as the basis of more comprehensive marine solar energy systems. Alone, 55W is enough for a small range of electrical devices, such as basic lighting, two-way radios, small TVs, fish-finders, etc. As part of an array, this can be expanded to include water pumps, refrigeration and so on. All Solara Marine Solar Panels now have a 5-year warranty.

Solaramarine solar panels are uniquely designed using a Teflon coated EVA/ETFE laminate which is extremely robust, salt and acid resistant. When installed, the solar panel is less than 5mm thick (15mm at cable outlet) and the panel front has a slightly 'roughened' finish to create a slip-proof, even when wet. To allow for adjustments on slightly curved surfaces (up to 3%), Solara marine solar panels are fitted with an aluminium back-plate which also provides exceptional stability.

Main features:

  • 55Wp power output
  • only 3-5mm thick when installed (15mm at cable outlet)
  • integrated temperature compensating cells
  • sea-water tight cable outlet
  • self-cleaning, non-slip surface
  • can be walked on when fitted
  • 2.5m UV-resistant cable for easy installation
  • 5 year warranty

Typical installations:

  • motor boats
  • sailing yachts
  • specialist marine applications
  • caravans and motorhomes

Technical Specification

Peak Power (W): 55
System Voltage (V): 12
Voltage at Peak Power (V): 22.88
Open Circuit Voltage (V): 27.13
Current at Peak Power (A): 2.40
Short Circuit Current (A): 2.54
Number of Cells: 43
Dimensions (mm) L x W x H: 844 x 481 x 2
Weight (Kg): 2.8
External hotspot protector: Yes

*All technical specifications and images are correct at the time of publication, but are subject to change without notice.