Solara Marine Solar Panel 41W M-Series

Solara Marine Solar Panel 41W M-Series
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Product Information

At 41W this marine solar panel from Solara is capable of providing enough energy to operate a few small devices, including simple lighting, a two-way radio, small TV and a basic water pump. Of course, with greater power comes greater size, but the unique Solara design makes finding space much easier. All Solara Marine Solar Panels now have a 5-year warranty.

When fitted, Solara panels only add 3-5mm to the surface (15mm at cable outlet) and the unique EVA/ETFE laminate results in an incredibly durable, salt and acid resistant surface that can be walked on. This panel front has a slightly 'roughened' finish and is Teflon coated so that the panel is slip-proof, even when wet. Solara marine solar panels feature an innovative aluminium back-plate which provides exceptional stability and allows for adjustments on slightly curved surfaces (up to 3%).

Main features:

  • 41Wp power output
  • only 3-5mm thick when installed (15mm at cable outlet)
  • integrated temperature compensating cells
  • sea-water tight cable outlet
  • self-cleaning, non-slip surface
  • can be walked on when fitted
  • 2.5m UV-resistant cable for easy installation
  • 5 year warranty

Typical installations:

  • motor boats
  • sailing yachts
  • specialist marine applications
  • caravans and motorhomes

Technical Specification

Peak Power (W): 41
System Voltage (V): 12
Voltage at Peak Power (V): 22.88
Open Circuit Voltage (V): 27.13
Current at Peak Power (A): 1.81
Short Circuit Current (A): 1.92
Number of Cells: 43
Dimensions (mm) L x W x H: 654 x 481 x 2
Weight (Kg): 2.2
External hotspot protector: Yes

*All technical specifications and images are correct at the time of publication, but are subject to change without notice.