LE-600 Wind Turbine Advanced Kit 12V

LE-600 Wind Turbine Advanced Kit 12V
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Product Information

For 12V systems only, this bundle of equipment includes the 600W wind turbine, the LE-600, and provides a flexible renewable energy system that may include other sources of renewable power such as solar.

The LE-600 wind turbine is our 1.54m Dia wind turbine that produces 160W at wind speeds of 8m/s (18mph). The Tristar 60A diversion charge controller is used to divert excess power to the 1000W Dump load when the batteries are full. A dedicated solar charge controller should be used for the PV with both the wind turbine and PV connected directly to the batteries. Due to the

Please note the LE-600 is not suitable for locations where the winds regularly gust to over 18m/s (40mph).

Mount the turbine on a standard scaffold pole (50 or 60.3mm outer diameter).  We recommend the Guyed Tower Kit, everything you need (guy wires, earth anchors, foundation plate etc) except for the pole which you source locally.