Solara Marine Solar Panels

Solara Solar Panels are designed and tested (in Germany) specifically for use in marine salt water environments. The high quality Solara solar modules are completely maintenance-free, extremely durable, and weather-proof - they can even be walked on. An ideal power source for boats and yachts. Solara Marine Solar Panels are now covered by an industry leading 5-year warranty.

solara marine solar panels

The new 2019 Power M-Series has additional solar cells to boost power output yet their size has remained the same.

Even under extreme exposure to UV rays whether in the Caribbean, the Mediterranean, or the North Sea, Solara solar panels are always a reliable source of energy. The Solara Marine range is 'semi-flexible' and can be fitted on slightly curved surfaces (up to 3%).

Key features of Solara Solar Panels:

  • The POWER range is the largest truly marine grade solar panel available.
  • The back of the panel is completely flat so it can be screwed or glued flush to the deck, but with a curve of up to 3% (3cm per metre).
  • All panels include a 2.5m PU sheathed cable which is robust, UV resistant and weatherproof.
  • To reduce the risk of slipping in wet conditions, the panel surface is slightly roughened.

"The high-performance, high-resilience SOLARA solar panels are all manufactured at Solar-Fabrik Wismar, Germany. For over 17 years now, this has been the home base from which engineers and specialists are providing their extensive technological expertise to generate energy in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way. Our R&D team includes some of the most respected experts in the field and frequently collaborates with renowned education and research institutions. We firmly believe that planning, production and sales go hand-in-hand and should always come from a single provider. This way, we can offer you the highest quality in products and services at all times – with maximum reliability, transparency and flexibility for you as well as for us." Solara 

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