Victron BlueSolar 15A MPPT Charge Controller (12/24V)

Victron BlueSolar 15A MPPT Charge Controller (12/24V)
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Product Information

Victron's 15A BlueSolar MPPT charge controller is designed to maximise power output from small solar systems up to 400W (200W at 12V). The MPPT calculations and functionality of the BlueSolar 75/15 and 100/15 are significantly faster, producing up to 10% more than other MPPT controllers in changing weather conditions, such as a clouded sky. The two versions differ by the maximum input voltage from the solar panels; either 75V or 100V.

In addition to protecting the batteries from deep-discharge, by disconnecting any attached electrical devices, Victron have also integrated their 'Battery-Life' algorithm. Sometimes, due to heavy use or very poor weather, the solar panels may not provide enough power to fully recharge the batteries within a 24-hour period. In this case, if activated, the BlueSolar 75/15 and 100/15 will use stored information to slightly increase the battery disconnect voltage. This will continue until the batteries have reached 100% state of charge again. Thereafter, the battery disconnect voltage will be cycled so that a full recharge of the batteries is achieved about once a week.

Since many solar systems are outdoors, Victron have fully encapsulated the BlueSolar 75/15 and 100/15 electronics. This means that the charge controller is IP65 rated, so it can be used outside without any other protection from the weather.

Technical Specification

Battery voltage 12/24 V Auto Select
Maximum battery current 15A
Maximum PV power, 12V 200 W (MPPT range 15 V to 70 V)
Maximum PV power, 24V 400 W (MPPT range 30 V to 70 V)
Automatic load disconnect Yes, maximum load  15A
Maximum PV open circuit voltage 75V (75/15), 100V (100/15)
Peak efficiency 98%
Self consumption 10mA
Charge voltage 'absorption' 14.4V / 28.8V
Charge voltage 'float' 13.8V / 27.6V
Charge algorithm multi-stage adaptive
Temperature compensation  -16 mV / °C resp. -32 mV / °C
Continuous/peak load current 15A / 50A
Low voltage load disconnect 11,1 V / 22,2 V or 11,8 V / 23,6 V or BatteryLife algorithm
Low voltage load reconnect 13,1 V / 26,2 V or 14 V / 28 V or BatteryLife algorithm
Protection Battery reverse polarity (fuse)
Output short circuit
Over temperature
Operating temperature  -30 to +60°C (full rated output up to 40°C)
Humidity  100 %, non-condensing
Colour  Blue (RAL 5012)
Power terminals  6 mm˛ / AWG10
Protection category  IP65 (electronic components)
Weight 0,5 kg 500g
Dimensions (h x w x d)  100 x 105 x 40 mm

*All technical specifications and images are correct at the time of publication, but are subject to change without notice.