Solar Panel Bonding Set (Dekasyl-MS5)

Solar Panel Bonding Set (Dekasyl-MS5)
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Product Information

The Solar Panel Bonding Kit is ideal for use with our TUV approved corner and spoiler mounts and is highly recommended for use with motor vehicles, caravans, boats and many other situations where drilling is undesirable.

The main component of the solar panel bonding kit is an adhesive that makes it possible to simply glue your solar panel in place. Dekasyl-MS5 is a high-tack adhesive specifically designed for elastic bonding applications, which makes Dekasyl-MS5 particularly suitable for 'sticking your solar panel' to your vehicle and/or to your fixtures.

You may choose to glue your solar panel to rails, a frame or bracket and then screw/bolt the fixture in place in the conventional way. If you do, then Sikaflex can be used as a sealant for any holes you drill and the advantage of doing this is that you can take the panel with you if/when you part with the vehicle.

Solar panel bonding kit comprises:

  • 290ml tube of Dekasyl-MS5
  • Dekavator Primer
  • Dekaclean Cleaner

Please bear in mind that Dekasyl-MS5 is a very VERY secure bonding material, so please make sure you are 110% happy with the location of your panel before applying the bonding agent. We can accept no liability for incorrect use of the adhesive so PLEASE CAREFULLY FOLLOW ALL INSTRUCTIONS.