Caravan & Motorhome Solar Panel Mounting Frame (1 or 2 panels)

Caravan & Motorhome Solar Panel Mounting Frame (1 or 2 panels)
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Product Information

Mounting solar panels on caravans and motorhomes can sometimes be tricky as, ideally, the panel should be tilted to face the sun, but driving with the panel raised is not a fantastic idea. This high quality mounting rack, hand built in the UK from 3-4mm aluminium, allows you to raise the panel to the desired angle, yet lock it horizontally when you need to move to a different pitch.

The RV solar panel mounting kit includes all of the metal hardware, except bolts to attach the frame to the surface of the caravan / motorhome. Since there are many different ways to do this, we recommend using your preferred method. Please remember, however, to use a suitable silicon sealant when drilling through the roof.

The caravan / motorhome tilt rack is available in three different sizes, for one or two solar panels (312mm, 625mm and 1250mm). If you are using the rack to mount our SPR monocrystalline panels, the caravan rack will carry at least two of all models.

Quick size guide:

  • Cleversolar 135W : 1082 x 796mm
  • Cleversolar 100W : 1038 x 527mm
  • Cleversolar 90W : 1302 x 416mm (slimline)
  • Cleversolar 85W : 1050 x 555mm
  • Cleversolar 60W : 734 x 535mm
  • Cleversolar 30W : 556 x 416mm

This solar panel mounting frame can also be 'free-standing' and we recommend using tent pegs through the bottom mounting rail to prevent the solar panel blowing over too easily.

From time to time, we experience very high demand for our brackets, especially when some clients place large orders for specific projects. In these cases, delivery may be up to 14 days, although we do aim to carry stock at all times. If delivery is urgent, it may be a good idea to double-check with us first.