Victron Color Control Panel GX

Victron Color Control Panel GX
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Product Information

Victron's Color Control Panel is perhaps the easiest to use and most powerful display for off-grid use. As well as an easy-to-use menu system and informative status displays, the Color Control can be set up to communicate with Victron's VRM Portal via the inbuilt ethernet port or via the optional wifi adapter. Ease of use is key and almost no setup is required, as the Color Control connects automatically to the system components for you. Until recently, this kind of connectivity was only possible with expensive, complicated equipment; Color Control changes all of that.

Nearly all Victron products are now fitted with either their VE.Direct, VE.NET or VE.CAN interfaces and can communicate with each other. The Color Control Panel acts as a hub, connecting and controlling up to 8 different system components, including:

  • BMV range of battery monitors
  • Multiplus and Quattro inverter-chargers
  • BlueSolar MPPT charge controllers
  • Phoenix inverters
  • Centaur and Skylla battery chargers

In some off-grid power systems, it is critical that power is maintained at all times. The Color Control has a built-in relay output that can be used to start/stop a backup generator. In fact, Color Control has a dedicate "generator control" function, making the whole process significantly easier.

Please note that the Color Control panel does not include cables for connecting to the various parts of the system. Therefore, please choose the correct cables when ordering.