Inverters, Chargers and Backup Generators

AC-DC inverters are used to convert 12V, 24V or 48V supplies to 240V allowing you to use mains operated electrical devices on boats or in your caravan or motorhome. There is a wide range of inverters available on today's market, many of which are cheap imports which often fail quickly or cause damage to equipment. Unlike cheap imports, we only supply inverters from respected manufacturers and their inverters are guaranteed to give good service and long lifetimes. When choosing your inverter, please ensure that it is large enough to operate your equipment. When in doubt, always buy the next size up, which will ensure hassle-free use.

There are two types of unit: a) modified sine wave inverters, and b) true / pure sine wave inverters. Most standard electrical devices, such as kettles and radios, can be used with the cheaper MSW type. Other devices, such as high quality audio equipment, flourescent lighting and devices with digitial timing circuits (e.g. digital microwaves and washing machines) can only be used with the TSW type. If in doubt, please ask before buying.

Please be aware that when using an inverter, it should be connected directly to the battery bank and the battery bank must be of sufficient size to be able to cope with the potentially high current draw of the inverter. Theoretically, a current of 1A on the AC side of the inverter can become 20A on the DC side (A = V x W).