Off-Grid Power Systems

We design and supply complete off-grid power systems for use in remote locations, where no grid connection is available, or where the cost of connecting to the national grid is simply too expensive. Common examples include:

  • off-site telemetry equipment, such as remote meteorological monitoring, seismological surveys, etc.
  • data communications systems (wifi, radio comms, etc)
  • construction security cameras and perimeter monitoring
  • small-holdings and remote offices

In addition to solar or wind only systems, we have many years experience of putting together larger-scale hybrid off-grid power systems. Hybrid systems can include any combination of wind turbine(s), solar panels, DC battery banks, inverter-chargers and even backup generators, which can be programmed to start and stop automatically if battery levels should get too low. 

PowerBox - everything in a pallet-sized box

As well as bespoke off-grid power systems, we have designed and supplied a number of stand-alone self-contained units, such as the new PowerBox system. PowerBox has been designed as an easy to deploy power solution for where power is required at remote sites, with little or no infrastructure. Fitted with integrated solar panels, wind turbine and battery storage, PowerBox can be configured to your exact needs and can provide both AC and DC power outputs. PowerBox is the only complete hybrid solar-wind on the market that fits into a single enclosure, can be easily transported on one standard pallet and setup in less than an hour on-site.

The modular design of the PowerBox allows us to configure the mix of wind, solar, batteries, controllers and inverters to perfectly match the needs of specific projects. Furthermore, multiple PowerBoxes can be linked together to provide more energy production and battery capacity for more power hungry off-grid systems.

Contact us to discuss your specific requirements and we would be happy to put together a bespoke off-grid power system.