Off-Grid Power Solutions

off-grid wind solar power

We design and supply complete off-grid power solutions for use in remote locations, where no grid connection is available, or where the cost of connecting to the national grid is simply too expensive. As well as bespoke off-grid power systems, we have designed the PowerBox and SolarBox self-contained units.

Taking the power load of your equipment and proposed remote location as the starting point, we design an off-grid power solution that will provide power 24/7 using our British made, robust wind turbines and professional-grade solar panels featuring ultra-high efficient solar cells from Sunpower.

Power generated is stored in hard working deep-cycle batteries for use by DC or AC equipment.  With years of experience in supplying off-grid power systems, our professional services extend to providing pre-wired control boards already installed in an enclosure.

Off-grid power bespoke systemAll our systems are battery-charging. Typical applications include:

  • off-site telemetry equipment, such as water level monitoring on reservoirs, etc.
  • data communications systems (broadband, radio comms, etc)
  • meteorological data logging and seismological surveys
  • construction security cameras and perimeter monitoring

Let us specify a system for you

Contact us to discuss your specific requirements and we would be happy to put together a bespoke hybrid wind-solar power system. Alternatively, tell us your off-grid power requirements with details about the power load and proposed location and we will come back with a recommendation. 

Our Approach to Designing an Off-grid Power Solution

At Leading Edge, our professional and personal service includes a bespoke design service, offering unrivalled expertise within the off-grid market.

We calculate power output for individual months over the year for both solar and wind, making sure both forms of renewable energy meet your power requirement. By adding a 20% safety margin should unusual weather patterns occur, we ensure the system continues to function 24/7.

Here's what we do:

  1. First, we need detailed information about the system's proposed location.
    Ideally you supply a grid reference plus topographical information on the immediate area - is the site on a hill or in a valley, is it near buildings/trees?

  2. Then we do the wind & solar power calculations.
    We take an 18 year annual ‘average’ using data supplied by an international meteorological institute. For a UK-based system, we also cross reference this against a more localised (square kilometre) wind database. We are aware that many times the wind speeds will be significantly higher than the average and this has been factored in by using a Weibull distribution curve.

  3. Once the solar and wind data has been collected, we input this into the Off-grid Power Matrix.
    off-grid power calculation

    This shows the estimated amounts of power generated over a 12 month period. On the Off-grid Power Matrix, we show the ‘load line’ in red.  As power output is often at it's lowest during the winter months when solar irradiation levels are at their lowest, we design the system to produce enough power to accommodate the 20% safety margin.

  4. Where power requirements are high, it may make sense to supplement the renewables with a back-up generator or methanol fuel cell.
    This will cover the power load for a few of the winter months and means the system isn't over-sized, keeping system costs within budget. The generator would only kick in when the battery voltage dropped to a pre-set level and would run for the minimum amount of time.
    off-grid power wind turbine solar and generator

  5. To give you complete peace of mind, you can remotely monitor and control the off-grid system. ;
    Using Victron's Venus GX or Colour Control GX, you can check battery status, receive alarm signals and change system settings without having to go on-site. This is a popular requirement for our industrial customers.