Battery Bank Calculator

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Calculates the minimum recommended battery bank size in amp-hours (Ah). Calculation is based on the power consumption of the system, voltage, target depth of discharge and desired length of backup power required. Enter the daily power consumption in Wh and check the other data (change if necessary).

Power consumption per day:
Days backup required:
Maximum depth of discharge:
Minimum battery bank size = Ah

Please remember that this calculator works out the 'minimum' battery bank size for a given power consumption. When using an inverter, the current draw on the battery side can be extremely high, so you may need a battery bank that is larger than the minimum. For example, 1200W drawn at 240V is only 5A, whereas at 12V this current increases to 100A. We recommend that you have a battery bank of at least 220Ah per 1000W and preferably 300-400Ah.