Security Systems

"All over the world, Leading Edge’s wind turbines are helping customers reduce costs and protect resources by providing power for remote security and CCTV systems! We can design and realise bespoke systems which are designed to meet your specific requirements. Please contact us with your requirements"

There is an increasing need for CCTV cameras for security and damage control solutions. 

Powering the cameras and accompanying communications equipment is a major challenge in areas where grid connection is neither easy nor cost effective.  Let us know the power requirement of your equipment and we can size up a suitable off-grid power system comprising one of our wind turbines and solar PV.

Here is an off-grid power system we developed for a security company.  In this case, the CCTV camera required a constant 30W (approximate daily consumption of 1kWh allowing for 10% system inefficiencies) so we proposed the LE-300 24V wind turbine with 2 x 100W solar PV fed into a 205Ah deep cycle battery (larger capacities can be used if required) as shown above.  This generated the electricity needed to run the cameras 24/7.