Radio communications

"Data communications is often at the heart of an off-grid systems, sending data from a remote site to a central hub over a radio network. Providing power for the transmission equipment can often be a challenge and requires wind turbines that can survive harsh conditions."

Our small wind turbines - the LE-v50, LE-v150 and LE-300 - can be found powering radio repeaters where data is transmitted over microwave or unlicensed low bit rate UHF radio to a control centre.  They are often combined with solar panels to provide round the clock power, whatever the weather.

Where the repeater is located on top of mountains or exposed coastal locations, the vertical axis LE-v50 or LE-v150 is used, often the Extreme version of these turbines as they can withstand wind gusts of up to 100mph.  These turbines are ideal for powering equipment in the harshest environments including Antarctica. While not as efficient as a traditional wind turbine, the Savonious design of these vertical turbines means they can survive in locations where a horizontal axis turbine couldn’t.

We have two case studies: the first is Skye Mountain Rescue and their deployment of the LE-v50 Extreme to power their radio repeater on the Isle of Skye, Scotland.  The second is the deployment of LE-v150 Extreme turbines by AKVA group Scotland powering repeater stations for Scottish offshore fish farms.

Let us know the power load of the equipment you need powering and we'll size a complete system if required comprising solar panels, wind turbine and batteries. Please contact us with your requirements.