FLEX+ 100W Flexible Marine Solar Panel (Fibreglass Backing)

FLEX+ 100W Flexible Marine Solar Panel (Fibreglass Backing)
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Product Information

FLEX+ 100W Marine grade solar panels are an upgrade to our highly successful flexible monocrystalline solar panels, and now feature PERC solar cells with a 21.5% cell efficiency.

The marine grade FLEX+ panel is fibreglass backed, dimpled and has a rubber strip to protect the edge, making it ideal for use in salt-water environments, on boats and yachts. For narrowboats and motorhomes, where the panels are being fitted onto a metal surface, we would usually recommend the aluminium backed version of FLEX+, due to its better performance in high temperatures. However, given the UK climate, the fibreglass version will give trouble-free performance if you prefer the black colour.

  • Resistant to saltwater corrosion
  • Bond directly, without brackets or mounts
  • Flexible up to 10-degrees and lightweight (2.3kg)
  • Ultra high efficiency monocrystalline solar cells >21.5%
  • Durable, long-life 7-layer construction
  • Walkable, non-slip surface
  • IP65-rated junction box

Whereas other flexible monocrystalline panels typically have a smooth surface finish, the top layer of the FLEX+ plus is dimpled. Combined with the properties of the ETFE plastic, the FLEX+ is not only a panel that you can walk over, it is also a panel that you have less chance of slipping off. Ultra lightweight and durable, the combination of ETFE and an fibreglass back sheet makes this panel is much stronger than PET.

Unlike other, cheaper, flexible solar panels on the market, the FLEX+ uses a new 7-layer laminating process, finished with a top layer of ETFE. Other panels typically use PET. 

Material ETFE (Ethylene Tetrafluoroethylene) -[-CH2-CH2-CF2-CF2-]-n
Strength ETFE is a light, durable material that bonds more strongly to the backing sheet than PET.
Thickness The ETFE layer includes a 0.025mm thick UV resistant protective layer, but is less than 0.1mm in total thickness.
Light transmission ETFE allows >95% of the sunlight through to the solar cells. PET allows about 90% through.
Non-slip The ETFE surface is dimpled, creating a non-slip finish.
Corrosion resistant ETFE is highly resistant to saltwater corrosion, meaning that it can be used in marine applications.
Flammability ETFE can be used from  -65°C to +150°C and is highly flame resistant.
Anti-glare Since ETFE absorbs sunlight, far less is reflected, preventing distracting reflections.

FLEX+ 100W flexible monocrystalline solar panels carry a full 2-year product warranty and a 10-year 'power output' warranty (to >90% original output).

Technical Specification

FLEX+ 100 Marine
Max Power Pmax (Wp)
Max Power Voltage Vmpp (V)
Max Power Current Impp (A)
Open Circuit Voltage Voc (V)
Short Circuit Current Isc (A)
Power tolerance
Maximum System Voltage (nominal) (V)
Temperature Coefficient Pmax (%/C)
Temperature Coefficient Uoc (mV/C)
Temperature Coefficient Isc (mA/C)
Dimensions (mm)
1150 x 535 x 2.5
Max Thickness at Junction Box (mm)
Backing Material
Black Fibreglass
2 x 1m (MC4)
Junction box
IP65 rated
Weight (kg)

*All technical specifications and images are correct at the time of publication, but are subject to change without notice.