Sunware FOX-360 Dual-Battery 20A Charge Controller with LCD

Sunware FOX-360 Dual-Battery 20A Charge Controller with LCD
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Product Information

The Sunware FOX-360 solar charge controller with LCD can charge two separate battery banks, e.g. a starter battery and a storage bank. With an informative, easy to read LCD readout, you can adjust nearly all of the performance characteristics to suit your specific system.

Suitable for solar systems up to 340W (12V) or 680W (24V), the FOX-360 is a 20A charge controller for GEL, AGM or lead-acid battery banks. The hardware optimised PWM charging method ensure that a gentle charge curve and prevents harmful outgassing. As standard, the 90% of the charge current is sent to Battery 1 and 10% to Battery 2; this can be adjusted as needed. Where electrical devices are connected directly to the load output of the charge controller, power is always taken from Battery 1.

The graphical display shows:

  • state of charge for B1 and B2
  • battery voltage of B1 and B2
  • solar panel input
  • battery charging currents
  • power consumption of connected loads

Technical Specification

Charge ratio standard 90%/10% (B1/B2) adjustable
Battery fuses 2x25A, soldered internally
System voltage  12V/24V, automatic detection
System operating voltage  8,5V ... 35V
Temp. compensation  -20mV/°K @12V, -40mV/°K @24V
PWM frequency  244Hz
Max terminal voltage  50V (open circuit voltage of the modules, Uoc)
Discharge protection max.  20A at 25°C
Low voltage disconnect standard 10,5V adjustable
Display  backlit graphic LCD, 30 sec., 128x64 pixel
Terminals  max. 16mm²
Power requirement  7,0mA (with backlight 18,0mA, 30sec.)
Voltage drop  0,0 ... 0,27V (between 0 ... 20A)
Environmental   -25°C ... +50°C,  IP 22
Weight  300g
Dimensions  128,6 x 106,7 x 53,5mm (LxWxH)

*All technical specifications and images are correct at the time of publication, but are subject to change without notice.