Evo-Stik Wet Grab Adhesive (290ml)

Evo-Stik Wet Grab Adhesive (290ml)
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Product Information

In some instances, it is not necessary to use our SikaFlex bonding agent, as this creates a permanent bond that is very difficult to remove. In particular, we recommend using EVO-Stik Wet Grab on narrowboats, especially when using our flexible solar panels. Wet Grab creates a very strong bond, yet is slightly more 'silicone' based than SikaFlex, so can be removed more easily using cheese wire. This is especially useful when a boat needs repainting, for example.

Unlike most adhesives, Evo-Stik Wet Grab works when both surfaces are wet and even underwater!

Product Overview:

  • Instant waterproof seal
  • Bonds to wet surfaces even in the wet
  • Permanent, flexible bond
  • Interior or exterior use
  • Bonds just about anything to everything
  • Chemical and heat resistant


Metal, wood, all hard plastics, stone, plaster, ceramics, glass, brick, stone, slate, roof tiles and much more


290 ml cartridge