Flexible Monocrystalline Solar Panels

The new FLEX+ range comprising 100W flexible solar panels is the latest in flexible solar technology. The unique 7-layer laminating process produces a panel that is only 2.5mm thick, can bend up to 10o and weighs less than 30 grams per watt!

Now you can fit a genuine high-efficiency panel just about anywhere.

  • Bond directly to the surface
  • No brackets & no drilling needed
  • Solar where you need it most
  • Walkable, non-slip, saltwater resistant

Our flexible monocrystalline solar panels carry a 2-year product warranty and a 10-year 'power output' warranty (to >90% original output).

The Grade 'A' monocrystalline solar cells offer >18% efficiency, giving you more power from the smallest amount of space, the patented back-contact design enhances this even further in lower light conditions. Read about the flexible panels installed on 'Narrowboat Charlotte II' in our case study section.

Ideal for caravans, boats, motorhomes and much more, FLEX+ panels are the future of solar!