Extreme Solar Panels

standing on vision solar panel In some applications, you need a very robust solar panel that can survive in the harshest of conditions. To meet this requirement, the Solara "Vision" range has been designed to be the world's toughest solid frame solar panel available. In fact, the Vision panels are so tough, you can even drive a 3-tonne pickup truck right over them!

The unique design of the Vision solar panels has been achieved using an innovative "glass-glass" system. The solar cells are sandwiched between two layers of toughened glass, whereas standard panels sandwich the cells between a glass layer and a solid plastic back layer.

The glass used in the Vision panels is similar to the laminated safety glass in your car's windscreen, which is produced using two layers of glass, with a very thin EVA or PVB film between them. However, the film in car safety glass is not really suitable for a solar panel, as it filters out parts of the sunlight that the solar cells use to produce energy. The engineers who designed the Vision panels have developed a plastic film that is uniquely tough, but does not filter the sunlight.

For when you need an extreme solar panel that is virtually unbreakable, the Vision panel is the clear choice.