Solar Panels & Accessories

Solar panels come in many different shapes and sizes and sometimes the difference may seem very little. In reality, panels differ vastly depending on where and how they were designed to be used and their technical performance. For help with deciding which type of panel is right for your application, please contact us.

Professional Grade Monocrystalline Panels:
For general off-grid use, we supply a range of glass-fronted solar panels using the most efficient solar cells available. These cells are designed and manufactured by Sunpower Corp. in the USA and have the best reputation on the market for producing power in even low-light conditions. Due to their unrivalled efficiency (21.5-22.0%), you get the most power possible from the most compact package.

Solara Marine Solar Panels:
For harsh environments and salt-water conditions, Solara GmbH manufactures their semi-flexible range of marine solar panels. These panels feature monocrystalline technology for efficiency, but they are 'encapsulated' in a special lamination process to guarantee durability in all conditions. These marine-grade panels are also fitted with a metal back plate and have a special non-slip finish to allow them to be walked on safely. 

Contact us at Leading Edge for help and advice about our solar panels.