Phocos CIS 5A waterproof charge controller (IP68)

Phocos CIS 5A waterproof charge controller (IP68)
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Product Information

The 5A waterproof solar charge controller from Phocos is the smallest of their IP68 rated CIS range, perfect for outdoor installation of solar panels up to 80W, such as for street lighting, remote monitoring stations and electric fencing. The CIS charge controllers are so tough that they can even work underwater (1.5m, up to 72-hours).

To achieve this level of environmental protection, the CIS controllers are housed in a tough aluminium casing, which is then completely encapsulated to ensure that they are 100% waterproof. Despite their diminutive size, the CIS solar controllers are full of functionality, including a night light dimming function. To guarantee 100% protection, they do not have any buttons and therefore the settings cannot be changed without the use of a special infrared control unit (the CIS-CU-1.0) or via Phocos' proprietary CISCOM software. However, the standard settings are suitable 90% of all applications, without needing to be altered.

It would have been impossible (within a reasonable budget) for Phocos to develop an IP68 rated unit and to fit an LCD display, so the CIS charge controllers are fitted with LED status and charge level indicators. Unlike many 'waterproof' controllers, the Phocos CIS does not have screw-in terminals, as these are usually the weak point for environmental protection. Instead, the CIS is supplied with flying leads, which can be connected to the solar panel(s), battery(ies) and 12/24V load via a simple terminal block from any DIY store, or soldered if preferred. By keeping the CIS charge controller free of terminals or junctions, Phocos have produced a truly robust unit.

Main features:

  • IP68 environmental protection, waterproof to 1.5m for 72 hours
  • Robust, compact aluminium housing
  • 100% epoxy resin encapsulation
  • Automatic 12/24V DC recognition
  • Night light / dimming function
  • Infrared control unit (or CISCOM software), available separately
  • 4-stage PWM charge control

Technical Specification

Phocos CIS05
Max. charge/load current
System voltage (auto recognition)
Float charge (25 C)
Main charge (25 C), 30 mins daily
Boost charge (25 C), 2 hours
Boost activation voltage (25 C)
Equalization (25 C), 2 Std.
Equalization activation voltage (25 C)
Deep discharge cut-off voltage
Reconnect level
Overvoltage protection
Undervoltage protection
Max. panel voltage
55 V
Temperature compensation
-25 mV/K
50 mV/K
Max. self consumption
5 8 mA
6 10 mA
positive grounding possible
Ambient temperature
-40 to +60 C
Max. altitude
4,000 m above sea level
Battery type
lead acid (GEL, AGM, flooded)
Night/day detection (panel voltage)
2.5 10 V
Dimming value
0 100% output power
Dimming output voltage
0 10 V (max. 1 mA)
Cable length
10 cm
Wire size
1.5 mm2, 1.5 mm2 & 2.5 mm2
Dimensions (W x H x D )
82 x 58 x 20 mm
150 g
Degree of protection
IP68 (1.5 m, 72 h)

*All technical specifications and images are correct at the time of publication, but are subject to change without notice.