Slow down! That road sign could be powered by a small wind turbine

Posted Wednesday 13th of May 2015 at 15:30


How often have you seen a road telling you to 'Slow down'? Providing these signs on dangerous bends and in rural areas where there is no connection to a mains power supply is not a problem for Westcotec a producer of vehicle activated road signs based in the UK.

Westcotec use the LE-300 wind turbine and a PV panel to provide the necessary off-grid power for operating their speed signs radar signs and slow down signs. As this video shows Westcotec find the LE-300 wind turbines 'reliable easy to erect and churn out a really good amount of power... they have been a cost effective solution for off-grid working.'

The video was filmed at Traffex 2015 where Westcotec launched it's new flood warning system that measures the depth of the water at sites prone to flooding (in inches and cms) and relays that information to a sign further down the road so drivers have time to decide whether to proceed or not.