A solar panel that's so tough, you can drive over it!

Posted Tuesday 19th of January 2016 at 14:54


How about this for a a truly extreme solar panel?  The Vision 150 solar panel is so strong you can drive over it or hit it with a 45Kg weight and it'll still work perfectly OK.

Using a unique glass-glass design, the 150W Vision solar panel introduces new levels of robustness to the solar market, giving you peace of mind should the solar panel be struck by large hailstones or debris. 

One example where this panel could be useful is the roof of a motorhome, where there is the possibility of the panel being struck by low hanging branches. For marine applications, where weather conditions can sometimes be very harsh and there is always the possibility of the panel being accidentally hit or stood on, with a Vision panel, you won't need to worry about broken glass. Vision panels are guaranteed for use in a salt water (marine) environment.

Designed and manufactured in Germany, each panel sandwiches the solar cells between two layers of a specially formulated version of laminated safety glass (similar to that in your car's windscreen). The result is a glass solar panel that you can walk on, stand on or even drive on.

The glass used in the Vision panels is similar to the laminated safety glass in your car's windscreen, which is produced using two layers of glass, with a very thin EVA or PVB film between them. However, thee film in car safety glass is not really suitable for a solar panel, as it filters out parts of the sunlight that the solar cells use to produce energy. The engineers who designed the Vision panels have developed a plastic film that is uniquely tough, but does not filter the sunlight.