Turbine Warranty

Your turbine from Leading Edge Turbines (LET) carries a two-year warranty (5-year for the LE-300 & LE-300 Marine), as supported by a retailer’s receipt. The warranty starts from the date of installation or ninety (90) days after shipment from the LET factory, whichever comes first.

LET will supply ‘non-wearing’ parts at no cost. For minor component failures, replacements may be sent directly to the customer / dealer for replacement by them. For more serious defects we may suggest a ‘return-to-base’ arrangement for replacement or repair.

In these cases, the purchaser will be responsible for taking the turbine off the tower/mast and paying the return carriage costs.

For the LE-300, during the first two years of the warranty period any component found to be defective in material or workmanship will, at the discretion of LET, be replaced or repaired at no charge. For the remaining three years of the warranty period, LET will supply ‘non-wearing’ parts at no cost. However, LET reserves the right to charge for any fitting of parts supplied during this three year period.

Where a turbine is to be replaced, it must be returned to LET before the replacement unit is despatched. Should the product prove to be irreparable, LET reserves the right to substitute an equivalent product, if available.

This warranty does not extend to servicing a faulty turbine on location.

In all cases LET will take reasonable action to ensure customer satisfaction. You should always receive a warm, courteous service in or out of your warranty period.

Your turbine must be installed and operated in accordance with the guide. Failure to do so will result in this warranty becoming null and void. Any unauthorised modifications to the turbine design will void the warranty and may compromise the safety of the machine.

What is not covered by your warranty?

  • Damage caused by unsatisfactory installation of the turbine, tower and/or control equipment.

  • Damage caused by the neglect of periodic maintenance in the manner recommended in the installation manual.

  • Damage caused by repair or maintenance performed using methods not specified by LET or by non-authorised dealers of LET products.

  • Damaged caused by the use of non-genuine parts, or from the use of liquid agents or lubricants in or on the turbine, tower or control equipment.

  • Damage caused by operating the turbine in conditions outside of those specified in the Owner’s Guide – including, but not limited to, allowing the turbine to run while disconnected from the batteries or not configuring the Tristar charge controller for diversion mode.

  • Damage caused by modifications to the turbine, tower or control equipment not approved by LET.

  • Damage caused to the turbine, tower and control equipment by improper storage or transport.

  • Damage caused by lightning strikes, flooding, fire, etc.

  • Damage due to extremely high winds and storm conditions, maximum wind speed for each turbine as it as follows:
    18m/s, 40mph for LE-450
    22m/s, 50mph for LE-600  
    27m/s, 60mph for LE-v50, LE-v150 & LE-300 
    35m/s, 80mph for LE-v50 Extreme & LE-v150 Extreme
  • Locations off-shore.

  • Damage caused by flying debris.

  • Aesthetic changes that do not affect performance.

  • Damage to batteries due to excessive deep discharge, short-circuiting, excessively high load, over charging, loss of electrolyte, or any condition outside of the manufacturer’s specification for battery use.

  • Damage occurring as a result of not operating the turbine at a safe distance from individuals or property.

  • Damage caused by unsatisfactory tower / support structure design.

  • Damage caused by incorrect connection to external electrical equipment, or failure to observe current regulations concerning connection to external electrical networks, equipment or any other devices.

If you should experience a problem with your turbine, your first ‘port-of-call’ should be the reseller or installer from whom you purchased the product. They should be able to resolve the problem quickly and efficiently. If you are unable to contact the original reseller, then please contact us directly.