Security Systems

"All over the world, Leading Edge’s wind turbines are helping customers reduce costs and protect resources by providing power for remote security and CCTV systems! We can design and realise bespoke systems which are designed to meet your specific requirements. Please contact us with your requirements"

By their very nature, security cameras are often sited in remote locations, away from a grid connection. Thankfully, the low power requirement of today's ultra efficiency IP cameras means solar and wind hybrid solutions provide a cost effective way of powering this equipment. With this solution, there's no need to run power or data cables which can be extremely costly over a wide area. Let us know the power requirement of your equipment and we can size up a suitable off-grid power system comprising one of our wind turbines and professional-grade solar panels.

The photos here show our PowerBox off-grid power system being installed to power remote cameras and wireless links in Scotland, UK.  The combination of 1 x LE-300 wind turbine and 2 x 160W monocrystalline DC-solar modules produces 30-40W in this location.  The brief was to ensure power 24/7 for equipment with a 24-30W load, and at other sites for a 12-18W load. The cameras and wireless links were mounted on a lattice tower with the PowerBox sited at the base powering the system.