SCADA - RTU, Telemetry & Data Acquisition

"With a track record in specifying and supplying renewable energy solutions for off-grid sites, Leading Edge Turbines helped us provide Wessex Water with a green energy solution that preserves the biodiversity and tranquillity of these recreational sites."Steve Ridout, Director

Leading Edge small wind turbines and our off-grid wind and solar hybrid systems are used extensively for SCADA systems (RTU, Telemetry & Data Acquisition), where power supply from the grid is not possible. They provide a cost-effective remote power solution, that can be deployed in the remotest of locations.

Our British-built wind turbines are considered to be the most rugged and reliable small wind turbines in their class, and we combine these with ultra-high efficiency monocrystalline DC solar panels.

If you're looking for a fit and forget off-grid power solution, then our PowerBox is the answer for telemetry applications. The PowerBox is pre-configured to your specifications and ready-to-go – once on-site, it can be installed, in less than an hour.   As everything fits neatly into a single, pallet-sized box, the PowerBox is easily transported from our base in the UK. 

Leading Edge has worked with Severn Trent Water and Wessex Water to power off-grid telemetry equipment.  In the case of Wessex Water, the requirement was for interconnection between their remote water pumping and reservoir sites in Dorset.  The off-grid power solution specified and supplied by Leading Edge Turbines was an LE-300 small wind turbine was mounted on top of a tower and along with solar PV panels, it provided power for the microwave communications network. (Read the case study)

In the case of Severn Trent, the Leading Edge PowerBox is installed on a storage reservoir, providing essential power for off-grid equipment measuring water levels. It took only one hour to install, unfold the 2 x 140W solar panels and bolt the Leading Edge LE-300 wind turbine to the mast and it was ready to power DC  equipment. 

If you have a need for remote, continuous power please contact us today to discuss your requirements and we will design a system to deliver what you need, where you need it.