Road signage and Rail signalling

"There is an increasing need for off grid signage and signalling in areas where grid connection is neither easy nor cost effective. We are very experienced at providing cost effective and reliable off grid continuous power solutions for these remote power generation needs."

Somewhere near you, Leading Edge products are powering off grid signage and signalling for Road and Rail!

Off-Grid Power for Rail Signalling – Large parts of the rail network lack convenient mains electricity. We manufacture and supply a Railtrack approved product including a hydraulic mast, LE-600 wind turbine, solar panels, batteries and control gear to power mission critical signalling systems.

Off-Grid Power for Road Signage – Dangerous corners and road junctions are very often nowhere near the grid. Our low power off grid solution incorporates an LE-300 wind turbine and a small solar panel, gives enough power to alert motorists to the hazards ahead, but without requiring expensive foundations to be dug.

“After trialing Leading Edge Turbines for one year we decided to make them the main supplier to our business for wind turbines and we hope for continued success moving forward.”
Dave Smith, Westcotec Traffic Control Systems

Leading Edge Turbines can design and realise bespoke systems which are designed to meet the specific requirements for your signage or signalling equipment. Please contact us with your requirements… Here is an off-grid power system we developed for a supplier of road signs. In this case, the LED road sign required 130W for 16 hours per day (daily consumption of 2.3kWh allowing for 10% system inefficiencies) so we proposed the LE-600 24V wind turbine with 2 x 250W solar PV fed into 8 x 205Ah deep cycle battery (larger capacities can be used if required) as shown above.