Radio communications

"Data communications is often at the heart of an off-grid systems, sending data from a remote site to a central hub over a radio network. Providing power for the transmission equipment can often be a challenge and requires wind turbines that can survive harsh conditions."

Our British small wind turbines - the LE-v50, LE-v150 and LE-300 - can be found powering radio repeaters where data is transmitted over microwave or unlicensed low bit rate UHF radio to a control centre.  They are often combined with ultra-high efficiency monocrystalline solar panels to provide power continuously, whatever the weather.

Where the repeater is located on top of mountains or exposed coastal locations, the vertical axis LE-v50 or LE-v150 is used, often the Extreme version of these turbines as they can withstand wind gusts of up to 35m/s (80mph).  These turbines are ideal for powering equipment in the harshest environments including Antarctica. While not as efficient as a traditional wind turbine, the Savonious design of these vertical turbines means they can survive in locations where a horizontal axis turbine couldn’t.

For a fit and forget off-grid power solution, our PowerBox provides a complete solar-wind hybrid power supply - pre-configured to meet your needs.  Easy to transport and quick to deploy, the PowerBox is designed for operating low power AC or DC equipment, with everything neatly fitted into a single, pallet-sized box. 

We have two case studies: the first is Skye Mountain Rescue and their deployment of the LE-v50 Extreme to power their radio repeater on the Isle of Skye, Scotland.  The second is the deployment of LE-v150 Extreme turbines by AKVA group Scotland powering repeater stations for Scottish offshore fish farms.

Let us know the power load of the equipment you need powering and we'll size a complete system if required comprising solar panels, wind turbine and batteries. Please contact us with your requirements.