Offshore fish farms stay in contact whatever the weather

Posted Thursday 21st of September 2017 at 15:53


The west coast of Scotland is home to a thriving offshore fish farming industry.  The large barge-based farms need to be managed - to monitor fish behaviour and operate feed systems - even when the weather is stormy and staff can’t get to the barge.  

The challenge for AKVA group Scotland, an international aquaculture business, was to find a reliable and robust off-grid power system for radio equipment located between the barges and the shorebases.  These radio repeater stations transmit images captured by underwater cameras on the barges to staff on the shorebases.

 “We have used lots of types and variants of turbine to try and provide a reliable powering solution for installation in some of the most exposed locations in Scotland,” said Brian Knowles, Technical Director at AKVA group Scotland Limited.  “We have found the Leading Edge LE-v150 Extreme turbine to be the first turbine that has been up to this challenge." Read the case study "LE-v150 Extreme powers repeater stations for Scottish offshore fish farms" to find out why this wind turbine survives when others don't.


Radio repeater station powered by Leading Edge LE-v150 Extreme wind turbine