Off-Grid Homes

ôAt the heart of ourádomestic renewable energy projectáare three energy saving things: Our Leading Edge wind turbine set-up, our solar geyser and our brains! The people atáLeading Edge Turbines make well engineered and durable products that do exactly what they say on the box with terrific back up support."
Rod McGregor Mann, off-gridder in South Africa

'With power companies charging exorbitant fees to connect remote homes to the grid, an off-grid power system comprising solar PV, wind turbine and diesel generator can offer significant savings, as well as being good for the environment.'

Leading Edge’s small wind turbines are frequently used for Residential Battery Charging for those living off-grid. If you live in a windy spot and the wind is whistling around you, your home could be the perfect place for a wind turbine. Whether you want to reduce energy costs or become self sufficient we can provide you with a Leading Edge wind turbine suitable for your home.  Starting with the LE-300, the range of horizontal wind turbines includes the LE-450, LE-600 up to the 3kW, LE-3000.  We have a wind turbine to suit every budget.