Meteorology and Environmental Monitoring

"I just heard from our man at McMurdo and he reports the turbine is holding up well, even through a recent storm with winds over 100 knots. The blades are getting sandblasted a little due to airborne grit but the generator is OK."

Seth White, Senior Engineer, UNAVCO

At Leading Edge, we have many years' experience supplying off-grid power systems for researchers and Meteorological Offices around the world.  Our customers include the Finnish Met Office, Climate Change Group in Canada, Zentralanstait fur Meteorologie und Geodynamik in Austria and British Antarctic Survey.  UNAVCO, for example, operate a GPS survey system at McMurdo Station, Antarctica. They use the Leading Edge LE-v50 Extreme wind turbine and a solar panel to power equipment recording a host of geophysical and meteorological data (read the case study)

We have solutions for most meteorological station requirements. A small load unit may only need our single panel  SolarBox™ unit, for higher loads (30-35W continuous) our PowerBox™ may be the answer. For harsh environments we would create a bespoke system incorporating our rugged vertical wind turbines (LE-v50 or LE-v150) which are able to withstand the strong winds and sub-zero temperatures often found in northern latitudes and remote locations. A hybrid system gives the best of both worlds - during the summer, solar irradiation is high; however, PV doesn’t perform so well in the winter, just when it’s windier. More sun, less wind; more wind, less sun.

Let us know your system requirements, whether it for an individual unit or larger Mesonet system, and we will create a bespoke system to meet your needs.

You can call either Ian or Sarah on +44 (0)1981 241668 who will be happy to talk you through our systems and how best to power your load requirements.