Marine Wind Generators for Sailing boats and Yachts

"We have two different products ranges for boat and yacht owners, the horizontal axis LE-300 and LE-450 marine wind generators and the vertical axis LE-v50 and LE-v150 marine wind generators. All are designed and precision manufactured in the UK."

LE-300 Marine & LE-450 wind generators

Ideal for ‘live-aboards’ and canal boats, the LE-300 Marine and LE-450 horizontal axis wind generators will keep your batteries charged whether you’re out on the high seas or moored up and away from your boat. This small wind turbine with a 1m rotor diameter, is manufactured in the UK and is considered more powerful than similar sized competitors.

LE-300 Marine is considered the best value wind charger for yachts and sailing boats with the lowest cost per watt according to Practical Boat Owner magazine, while the LE-450 is the most powerful small wind turbine with a 1m rotor, able to provide meaningful power levels at everyday wind speeds of 5-8m/s (11-18mph).

  • 12V, 24V and 48V versions
  • Appreciated for its quietness
  • High quality – Precision engineered in the UK
  • Lightweight – LE-300 Marine is 6.5Kg and LE-450 is 8Kg
  • Specifically designed for corrosive marine environment
  • Robust and reliable – proven to survive storm force winds up to 27m/s (60mph)

“As I write it is blowing 25 knots and I can hardly hear the LE-300 sitting inside the saloon. It is so quiet we often have to look up at the blades to see if it is working and we haven’t left the stop/switch on.”
Bea Freeman, a blue-water sailor who permanently lives onboard his 11 metre catamaran.
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LE-v50 and LE-v150 wind generators

If you just want to protect your batteries when you’re not using the boat then our vertical axis trickle chargers, the LE-v50 and its bigger brother the LE-v150, are what you need.

  • Totally silent
  • Compact and can fit neatly onto a mast, safely out of the way of a crowded deck
  • Marine quality finish give lasting performance
  • Virtually indestructible – they can be left to run through storm conditions!